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Retrode Utility

A Retrode configuration utility for Mac OS X

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Welcome to Retrode Utility.

Retrode Utility is a handy program that allows you to edit your Retrode's configuration file and install new firmware versions without having to mess around with strange text editors or the command line.


To build from source:



Retrode Utility uses the great DFU-Programmer which is available over at Sourceforge (here). Also @jerrykrinock's code on NSString geometrics saved a lot of my time. Thanks to Matthias Hullin for making such a great device.

Random Screenshots

Splash Screen

Device Info

Config Config section will be redesigned some day.

Release Notes

Firmware Installation


Retrode is a registered trademark of Matthias Hullin with which this project is in no way affiliated.


Retrode Utility is Open Source Software and will stay that way. Detailed license information will follow.